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    • Look of the sofa 6
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I had the first problem several weeks after the sofa was delivered by Sal's Furniture in North Providence, RI. This problem was with the mechanics of the recliner on one side. The foot piece rubbed the floor. The back of the seat sunk. After much arguing with Greg, the owner of Sal's, finally took it to repair the sofa. After 3 years that I have had it the leather (so called ) started pealing off the fabric. This was a bonded synthetic NOT... Read more

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Southern Motion Furniture - Southern Motion Sofa model 711 in Hideout Coffee
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Purchased a Southern Motion reclining sofa in Feb 2013 and accepted delivery in March of 2013. It's 3 years and 8 months later and the covering is flaking off along the texture lines of the material. Horrible appearance and not worth of receiving guest into the home. Model is 711, a reclining sofa with covering of Hideout Coffee. While first noticed on headrest of one recline unit, the condition is present over the entire seating surface.... Read more

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Had a brand new Southern Motion recliner delivered today 12/01/2016. Power headrest stopped working within 45 minutes of delivery !!! The power foot rest was still working but not the power headrest. I checked out all the plugs on the recliner. The plugs were all connected. I called the store where i purchased the Southern Motion Recliner. The store RC. Willey in Riverdale Utah, customer service told me it would take 2 or more weeks to get a... Read more

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Recliner Serial #1841427 Style#2192-POWER Cover#83017 53017 Prod Date 10/25/10 This recliner was purchased at Pilgrim Furniture City, 55 Graham Place, Southington, Ct 06489 as a gift for our 50th wedding anniversary, 6 yrs ago, 2010,so I don't have any papers other than the tag on the bottom of the recliner, giving me the information above. After a little over a year of use the material was starting to flake off. Now it is a real mess and... Read more

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To everyone who is one here complaining about the leather peeling. If it is peeling than it is bonded leather not real leather. And you were misslead by the store you bought it at. Every furnitrue company from Ashley to Lazboy and Flexsteel 3 yrs ago all thought this was the new best cover to put on furnitre and they were all wrong. This is why all of these companies including Southern motion no longer offer bonded leather covers. To those... Read more

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Less than a year of owning my 2300 dollar bonded leather sofa its falling apart... have tried multiple times to get the furniture store to cover it and they tell me the factory doesnt even carry the material anymore... waste of hard earned money

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Bought two power recliners in 11/15. Have had five warranty repairs including motor and gear system. NEVER will buy this brand EVER.

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Southern Motion Furniture - NOT GOOD.. IT WILL PEEL and CRACK
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I purchased a bonded leather reclining sofa and loveseat from this store.The salesman will lie.The label on the furniture describes bonded leather as "both material and seam testing exceed industry standards." It also says it's "the strongest, most durable alternative to traditional leather." I took out the 5 year protection plan, which apparently isn't worth the price of the paper it's printed on. At this point, the leather is chafing, cracking... Read more

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Comfort and look were fine, but the furniture had a strong chemical smell. I also had a strong allergic reaction to it. Burning eyes, and a skin rash and itching on any part of my body in contact with it. Tried one with and one without fabric protection and it made no difference. I had them in my home for two weeks each, and it just didn't matter. I suspect it was something in the wafer board (OSB) material they were made of. I have peanut... Read more

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I purchased a dual powered recliner about 18 months ago. The leather already looks worn and the padding is lumpy. One of the seats is noticeable canted when you sit down. This piece of furniture cost as much as a premium brand, but didn't hold up as well as the very inexpensive recliners I had before this. The power reclining works well, but that's the only redeeming part. At less than two years old, I'm going to be replacing this $2000... Read more

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