We just purchased a beautiful red, power reclining sofa. It is beautiful but delivered last Friday and last Saturday kitty jumped up on armrest to get in my lap. Instant puncture marks right through the leather on the armrest.

I called the furniture store thinking they had accidently ordered using bonded-leather rather than leather for material. They assured leather and called Southern Motion who verified same.

In short - no action except to tell me to keep calling on leather warranty every time leather punctures. So we have a beautiful sofa in living room perpetually under heavy blankets that will be removed only when company coming and kitty locked up.

Such a shame - beautiful sofa, but awful leather.

Review about: Southern Motion Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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Augusta, Georgia, United States #775211

Same thing happen to our recliner....cheap cheap cheap and mis-lead in purchasing this poor quality.

Hallandale Beach, Florida, United States #759634

Wake up America. You get what you pay for...period.

Leather comes in all different grades and qualities & to really understand what you should be looking for in "genuine" leather research manufacturers for comparison that are known for leather such as American Leather (USA), Gamma (Italy) or Hancock & Moore (USA).

This will give you a quickie course education in Buying Leather Furniture 101

DON'T buy Bonded, regenerated or split leather....your throwing your money away!

Once you have this background you will be an educated consumer, and there is nothing more that an aggressive salesperson hates then a customer that knows more then them.

All leathers from legitimate manufacturers have a full description on the rear of the sample swatch and the salespeople selling these products have sales training to explain these differences.

All stores are interested in making the sale BUT not all are interested in repeat customers. Lower end stores & most mass merchants are just interested in numbers and those salespeople are just interested in making their commission for the month.

They don't care if they ever see you again after the sale...the store will advertise some special event and a new fleet of fish will be brought in through doors for the monthly fish fry.

Don't let yourself be a fresh fish of the month... don't get caught up in the sale that ends today...this is the last one... if this one gets sold you'll never get a deal like this again.

What should you pay for a quality piece of upholstery?

A leather sofa purchased under $3.000.00 OR a 5 seat sectional under $6,500.00 on sale, bottom price with legitimate MAP (manufacturers authorized price) pricing is considered in the industry to be classified as "promotional" goods.

Promotional furniture will only last if you dont use it or sit on it.

Do NOT rely on a retail stores "price ticket" or their suggested retail price with a 25% to 50% markdown.

If you want to throw your money down the drain and buy furniture over & over again buy promotional furniture.

You should shop the same exact product in at least 3 reliable stores ( try to find a family owned business that's been in the same location for at least 2o years )and these stores should not be chain stores that typically mark up the merchandise and drop it down every week for whatever sale event they can think of.

Upper end manufacturers monitor retail stores they sell to so the customer does not get gauged or deceived AND if their is a problem with the product which is very seldom or rare both the store & the manufacturer will always take care of it.

AND always do this first before you hand over your credit card or sign up for that no payment for 3 years.

LOOK UP ON THE INTERNET & CHECK WITH THE BBB FOR CUSTOMERS COMMENTS AND COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE STORE YOUR PLANNING ON BUYING FROM. Where there is smoke there is fire...if you want to get burnt don't check out the references & referrals.

If you want to be a smart consumer and protect your investment do research on the store your buying from.

Be smart, stay ahead of the game, and I have to say don't be a *** consumer that gets taken by the great deal.

You should be the won that walks out smiling.

Riverview, Florida, United States #691803

8/1/13 Wow, I'm just going through the same problems now with the inferior material. Getting the run around from store and the co.

they use to cover 5 yr. maintenance plan. No help from anyone!

What I'm calling rips, they are saying is cracking and peeling and isn't covered. Sofa only a little over two yrs old....should not be happening!

to Anonymous #791095

I was told bonded leather has to be washed with ivory soap and water. Because the oil inour skin breaks it down. Wash it every other month

Chico, California, United States #652977

Sorry,but trying to blame claw punctures on low quality from Southern Motion is ridiculous! Cats have sharp claws, and unless you by a metal sofa you should expect a cat's claws to cause damage. My husband and I chose not to get leather for this very reason.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #643787

probably you bought bonded leather which is a thin veneer of leather glued to a thin backing. You should not expect any better today!!!!!!

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