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Purchased Southern Motion brand - triple reclining sofa (with 2 power ends), love seat, and recliner from Wolf's in 10-2013. Within the first month the seam on the seat of the single rocker recliner split apart. It wasn't like the seam tore open at the sew line, it was like the fabric was cut too short to begin with and the hole appeared after a few days of sitting on it from general fabric movement. Wolf's sent someone to repair it only to find out that what I stated was true. Indeed it needed replaced because there was no fabric there to repair it with. 8 weeks later the new one arrived.

Within 2 months of receiving that one, the seam on the arm pillow started coming apart. I phoned about it and since we purchased the extra protection and guardsman coverage they stated I should call them. Guess what's not covered under Guardsman? Seam tears or general manufacture defects. I phoned Wolfs and they send their own repair person out since it was still under the 1 yr period. They sewed it on the spot with general needle and thread. (I could have done that myself) But it was fixed, and acceptable enough. It was approximately 6 in long, they left the old brown thread hanging and stitched over it with the red. (you can see both in the photo) You can also see the white spots where there is holes in the fabric under the arm. There are several spots like this on ALL of the furniture pieces, as well as thread end that weren't trimmed off.

Next issue is the middle section of the sofa seam pulling apart. That is the least used section/piece of all of the furniture. (see photo). It's now past the one year warranty and there is already other visible fabric wearing on the seam areas. I will never purchase Southern Motion Furniture again! $3,500.00 and it's in worse condition that the 15 year old furniture we replaced. Beyond frustrated.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of reclining sofa. Southern Motion Furniture needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Same here, our SM micro fiber 2.5 year old couch has had seam problems since the first year. Jordans Furniture sent a person out to repair the split seam w/tan thread on a brown couch.

I have the extended warranty but it doesn't cover seams. I have called Jordans Furniture Reading MA w/o any results. Our couch looks worse than the 20 year old leather couch we replaced. So frustrated.

We will never do business with JORDAN'S FURNITURE again. Customer Service is a farce.

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