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My mother purchased this couch from Cardwell's furniture in Middlesboro KY in 2012. It's made by Southern Motion.

It just recently started peeling at the seams and has gotten worse and worse everytime someone sits on it. She paid close to $2500 for this couch. When I called Cardwell's, they simply told me it wasn't covered by the manufacturers warranty but they'd call the company and "see what they said anyway". Excuse me for being old fashioned, but if you're selling a product, you ought to stand by that product.

Because my mother is living pay check to pay check and to buy something like this was a dream come true, only to find out its a nightmare. I myself have had many couches over the years and I've NEVER had one do this. Ever. Real leather or not.

I will be posting the outcome of this situation.

I can only hope for good news. This is absolutely heartbreaking.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Livonia, Michigan, United States #855952

Did you get the phone # to Southern Motion? I am trying to get it.

Do you know where they are located?

Newark, New Jersey, United States #850297

People should form a class action suite against Jennifer convertibles..there selling half..Bonded leather with a mixture of vinyl in it..an charging people the full price like it's 100% pure leather, it peels, cracks and Comes apart..it's Garbage..and it's fraud..and a waste money ..100% leather in most cases last at least 5 to 7 years or longer if you've taken care of it..not 2 years..and it's discolored, cracked or coming apart after you've spent thousands of dollars, Jennifer convertibles is a straight "Rip"Off..the furniture peels just like southern furnitures does.

to joe #887309

If this is leather furniture, it is peeling because the leather is only a very thin sheet, called bonded leather. It looks very lovely at first, but then it will peel badly, and begin to look very cheap.

If you have a bonded leather Bible, look at it and see how the leather is just in a thin sheet placed over the underlying material. My bonded leather Bible is peeling in places just like a bonded leather sofa will do.

So, just a warning, never buy bonded leather, if you want furniture that will stay pretty for a long time. Also, on one of the court shows on tv, a lady sued the furniture store over their misrepresentation of the bonded leather sofa she bought, and won the case.

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