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I purchased a Southern Motion sectional Fusion in 2010. After the first year it started peeling.

To see it now it looks like I have had it twenty years. When you sit on it you have leather peeling that sticks to your head, clothes and ends up on floor. We gave no small kids or animals. I will never buy from this company again.

The first couch I bought (from different company) last me 15 years and then this one looks bad after one. I was so excited when we purchased this beautiful couch.

But now I am embarrassed for family or friends to come over. We work hard for our money and like nice things but this is by far the worst purchase ever.

Monetary Loss: $2404.

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Pickerington, Ohio, United States #935178

Mine is the same way we were not offered any selection of materials only whether we wanted the couch to be a left or right sided recliner. The electric recliner stopped working a few days after purchase.

The wire was stripped and separated in two places due to the wire being secured to the frame by pinching the wire under the bolts that hold the motor and slide bar in place. Simply operating the chair damaged the wire due to faulty manufacturing methods.

This damage not covered by the limited warranty. I agree this will be my last purchase of this brand or any other couch piece that resembles this set.


Do you remember what grade leather you selected? There are multiple ones.

Bonded leather is cheap, but is only about 15-20% leather, that is ground up and mixed with plastic and vinyl.

It's notorious for flaking and pealing in humid climates. Real leather doesn't do that.

to Anonymous #1019195

I keep seeing "Anonymous" comment on every post about the selection of cheap leather. I have the same problem with my reclining sofa and even though I wasn't given an option of leather type, it doesn't matter.

I, like all of these other people spent my hard earned money on furniture that my husband was thrilled to buy because it was made in the USA, only to have it start peeling after two years. We bought the warranty only to be told that "peeling" was not covered, so apparently we are stuck with a crappy sofa that we are ashamed of.

How profoundly disappointed we are in the quality. I will be calling Southern Motion tomorrow to discuss this and I trust they will make this right.

to Anonymous Glendale, Arizona, United States #1064814

Hello, I am having issues with terrible OFF-GASSING (Google it) coming from a brand new recliner built by Souther Motion and sold by Design Source Furniture here in AZ. Right now we actually have this recliner segregated into a den with three (3) fans blowing on it with the door shut and towels crammed under the bottom while the exterior window from this room is wide open!!

Hoping to get this throat burning, eye burning STENCH off this furniture. Sadly, it's already been two days of doing this, and the toxins just keep on coming...

Also, there is some shoddy stitching in the center console on this recliner - which I WILL NOT accept and wonder how in the H*** this crummy workmanship passed quality control. Or does Southern Motion even HAVE quality control?

I strongly suspect SM uses cheap, non EPA approved, wood, fabric, and stuffing imported from China with illegal Mexicans as the workers.

(Disclaimer: This is MY personal opinion only)

I hope you will contact Southern Motion in Pontotoc, Mississippi, and get some satisfaction.

The two owners names' are: Guy Lipscomb and Larry Todd. You could also contact the Mississippi Attorney General and file a complaint.


Mine is doing the exact same's only about 3 yrs old

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