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This has been a piece a junk. Within first 6 months of owning the furniture store had it restitched/reupholstered because the seams were coming apart.

Then the fake leather that was supposed to be real leather started peeling & flaking in a year. $3600 is too much for a piece of furniture in ashamed to have in my house. The burgundy recliner in the pic is from big lots & is 15 years old.

It's dirty but not peeling. I'm willing to participate in class action if they don't replace

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Did you have any luck with a class action law suit. Mine are terrible.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1334748

I have the same color, and it also peeled an d I had insurance but it did not cover the peeling, what a scam. I also paid 3500

Jasper, Tennessee, United States #1189225

we've had our full 3-piece set of southern motion furniture for 2 years and it still looks new. Top grain leather is the way to go.

Bonded leather is junk with every company.

Same issue, just search. Salesmen are to blame- they try to convince you to buy this stuff and don't tell you about the problems associated with it.

Monticello, Indiana, United States #1177351

I have had my upholstered southern motion furniture for 2 1/2 months and have been waiting 6 wks to get someone to come and fix the 7 inch split along the seam, the material has actually started to fray and string. I called our local store today and told them they could come and get this junk

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