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I am surprised there has not been a class action suit yet. I've spoken to the inept customer service for Southern Motion before.

You can tell they are in a damage control mode. This company already knows they are going to pay dearly for this in the future. They are still running, but they cannot hide. Eventually they will pay the piper.

This product also lets you know the integrity of the furniture dealer you are purchasing from.

They all know they are eventually going to be out of business because of the way they treated customers over all of this peeling bonded leather. Our new couch looks like it is 30 years old and has been left outside, but I am confident that someday, no matter what, we will either get restitution from Southern Motion, or they will go bankrupt.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree, How do we get one started?


I also have a southern motion bonded leather sofa & loveseat. It is peeling on the loveseat right arm.

Any every single one of the 5 seats are horrible. And it is sad that the company doesn't make it right for all the people that purchased supposedly qualify furniture.They need to make it right.

Or have a class action suit against them. I definitely would join in.


There was a lawsuit against Southern Motion that started with Kanes furniture store in 2015 that was settled late 2017. We are also having this issue that puts our youngest child at risk while eating this material when he comes in contact with the cracking and then peeling of this crap.

We paid 2300 (includes taxes and extra extended warranty) for this so called high quality leather. Called Southern Motion, spoke with Drew and all they would offer is 1000. Also, he stated because this is a known issue with the bonded leather they revised their manufacturer warranty to 4 years instead of 1. But they aren’t following through.

I just want my full refund and be done! NEVER AGAIN will we buy this crap and from being built by Southern Motion.

Calabash, North Carolina, United States #1321265

I purchased a set of power reclining sofas in Bonded Leather on 5-27-13. They were manufactured by Southern Motion.

They look like trash now. Peeling and cracking everywhere. I can't even give these things away on Craig's List. I'm so upset.

Is there a class action suit yet? This is ridiculous. I spent $$$$. Not fair.

I had to buy new sofas. HELP!!!!

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States #1317839

I agreE I wish there was one!

New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States #1205533

I 1000% agree, Southern Motion Furniture - There needs to be a Class Action Suit against Southern Motion please contact me so we can start a class action lawsuit. I have no children or pets in the house, so no rough use.

Strength in numbers...

Quat Law Offices has brought and prosecuted class action cases which have ended unlawful business practices and resulted in millions of dollars in relief to injured persons. Examples include:

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This company was routinely charging interest on bills for ambulance services rendered to accident victims even though the injured persons never agreed to pay interest. A settlement was reached which ended the business practice and resulted in payment of substantial sums to class members and public interest health organizations.

Golchin v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (Suffolk Superior Court, Massachusetts) This class action contended that Liberty Mutual violated Massachusetts law by refusing to pay Medical Payments benefits (“MedPay”) to its insureds on the basis that medical bills had been paid or satisfied by health insurance. The case resulted in two favorable decisions by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and a class action settlement was eventually reached after eight years of litigation. Deke et al.

v. Cardservice International, Inc. (Los Angeles County Superior Court) This case challenged the lawfulness of early termination fees imposed by a major credit card processor. A settlement on behalf of a nationwide class was obtained which ended the challenged business practice, had a potential monetary value to class members in excess of $7 million (refunds and debt cancellation), and resulted in credit repair for class members.

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Sheila Levesque 671 Purchase St Apt. 314N New Bedford MA 02740, 508 971 5265 sal8231966@gmail.com


Can you tell me a telephone number for Southern Motion customer service. I have not been able to find one.

I am posting anonymous, I will check back for a number. Thank you

to Anonymous #1206447


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